Weddingbells Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

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Weddingbells Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

We just picked up the latest issue of Weddingbells magazine (Spring/Summer 2013) and one of our cakes was featured in the jade colour story on page 108. Make sure to check it out, there are some other great colour ideas like gold and coral. For more wedding hue inspiration check out We are so ...

Food Inspired Decor

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Food Inspired Decor

I love decorating with food and other organic substances. Here are some interesting food inspired decor. Have you ever made anything yourself? If not then get out there – even the simplest fruit or ornament bowl arrangement is a start! Ice wreath;  you can add in any seasonal fruit and mix it with natural pieces. You can ...

Welcome Christmas

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The Holiday’s always come and go so fast. Try to take some time and make your home feel festive. A great way to share the Holiday spirit with other is by placing it right at your front door for all to see – this way everyone passing by gets their sweet little hearts warmed with ...

You Gotta Check Out – Sprinkle Bakes

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You Gotta Check Out – Sprinkle Bakes

My 2012 baker obsession is Sprinkle Bakes aka Heather Baird, I had been following her blog for quiet a while and was super excited when her book SprinkeBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist came out. She is so creative and her creations are very detailed. I’ve made quite a few recipes from her ...

Wedding Wednesday – Winter Sweet Tables

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Wedding Wednesday – Winter Sweet Tables

Now that we have been blogging for a year, our goal is to blog a little bit more regularly. We seem to go in spurts of crazy blogging then to only once a week. Well, we have no excuse now as the holiday season is here. This week for Wedding Wednesday we’re going to look ...

1st Blogiversary

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We missed celebrating our first year of blogging at Sweet Table. Our website and email servers have been down since Wednesday so we haven’t been receiving nor being able to send out any emails. Can you believe it? It’s December first, only twenty four days until Christmas. We’ll be busy creating some great holiday candy ...

Going Dutch

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Going Dutch

This past week Sweet Table contributed some cookies for the “Going Dutch” tree designed by Hilary Farr for the 12 Trees Gala at the Gardiner Museum. On Sunday November 11th we help decorate the tree and at the end we put some sugar cookies in the shapes of presents, wreaths and ornaments. The trees will ...

Fashion Week says 'Bright & Bold'

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Mastercard Fashion Week came and went in a hurry but what left a lasting impression on me was JOE FRESH. By the looks of my great photos we know one thing is for sure – brights are getting brighter & patterns are getting BOLD – don’t be afraid! What does this mean for your sweet tables? ...

Korhani Home Show

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“Fashion Week with Korhani Home” Every girl loves fashion – we don’t need to justify that here so when I got invited to attend the Korhani Home Show I couldn’t resist. Can you believe these are all carpets?! Here are a couple of ad’s in the recent Style at Home magazine where Korhani throws in ...

12 Trees Gala

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Christmas is coming! We are excited to announce that we will be part of the Gardiner Museum’s 12 Trees Gala fundraiser and auction. We have partnered up with Hilary Farr Design to create one of the twelve beautiful Christmas trees going up for auction on November 15, 2012, at the 12 Trees Gala party. This ...

Add Some Style!

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On a tight budget? Add style, theme and drama to your party with these custom tray liners. Bonus points: not just for the sweet table but for your nail polish tray, utensil drawer, under soap containers etc. Custom tray liners from Source: Mattie Luxe Sweetly,

WeddingGawker – 2: Source for Couples

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The article on us by Kate Drummond from 2: Source for Couples has made it to the “most favourited” list for the week as of Friday! You can check it out here. And don’t forget to like it on weddinggawker! Hope everyone has a great week,

Candy Corn Recipe from CHCH segment

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Here is the recipe for the candy corn shortbread from the segment today on CHCH Hamilton Live. Please try it and let us know what you think! Recipe: 1 cup unsalted butter1/2 cup icing sugar2 cups all purpose flourYellow and orange gel food colouring In a bowl with a mixer beat butter until fluffy (almost ...

Feature: 2: Source for Couples

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We’ve been wonderfully featured in 2: Source for Couples. Kate from 2: Couples did a wonderful job of writing a post on us. Please stop by their website and see the article.

Halloween Table

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We only have a week to go until our appearance on CHCH Morning Live doing a couple segments about Halloween decor and Halloween treats. We’ll be setting up a full desert and candy table making all of the treats in house and getting some traditional Halloween candy. We have sourced a lot of decor from ...

Video from Baking in High Heels Event

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The video is here! Here is a cute video of the Toronto Baking in High Heels event from David from 2D Studios. Izabela and I are in the video quite a bit. She’s wearing a dress with black with pink flowers and mine is mint green with purple flowers. Please take a look. Baking in ...

Getting ready for Halloween

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We’re so excited to let you know that we are going to be on CHCH Morning Live again on October 25th from at 9am, 9:15 and 9:40. We will be baking live on the show as well as putting together a Halloween table for young and old. We are also excited to have Mill St. ...

An Impromptu Sweet Table – Elmo

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This weekend while celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday we decided to make an impromptu sweet table. The theme was of course ELMO; what two year old doesn’t like Elmo? We created gluten free chocolate cupcakes and coconut cupcakes adorned with Elmo gum paste toppers. Gluten free, refined sugar free Elmo face cake pops (well at ...

A Friday Share – How much to serve at a party

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Happy Friday everyone! We found this super cute chart made by Chickabug and wanted to share it with you. It lays out how much to serve at a party perfectly. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wedding Wednesday – White Cakes

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And we’re back. We took a little break after the wedding show and we are busy at work sending out a bunch of estimates for sweet tables and wedding favours. This week we are looking at a trend featured in the new Martha Stewart Weddings. All white wedding cakes, here are some of our favourites ...